About us

Candlebark Community Nursery (Inc) is a self supporting not-for-profit organisation established in 1994, dedicated to helping local people improve the natural environment. We offer a wide range of attractive, low-cost, native plants grown from seed collected from the Maroondah, Yarra Ranges and Manningham areas.   

You can help us to keep Candlebark open and supplying our valuable services by either becoming a member or by volunteering a little of your time.

Helping the environment

People working at Candlebark volunteer their time – a measure of their  commitment to the environment and our community.
Our goal is to help people help the environment by planting indigenous vegetation.

Here are a few ways our plants can do this:

  • Save your local environment by saving local plant species.
  • They use little or no water or fertiliser, reducing waste of precious resources.
  • They provide food and shelter for local animals, many of which could not survive without indigenous plants.
  • They are excellent water filters, and are used extensively in improving the health of our waterways.
  • Growing trees removes carbon dioxide from the air, reducing levels of this dangerous greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
  • Simply growing indigenous plants helps to prevent their local extinction.
  • Growing plants removes carbon, providing oxygen for all life on earth.

By using our services you can improve the health of your surroundings

Plant indigenous!


What gardens are suitable?

Any garden situation can benefit from the use of local native plants.
Candlebark grows a wide a range of species from the most delicate
groundcovers to huge trees (including the tallest flowering plant in
the world, the Mountain Ash).
Our plants can complement any design theme, from the most formal through to
bush gardens, cottage gardens, and even lawns. Their use is limited only by the

Why grow our local native plants?

There are many reasons to grow plants from Candlebark:

  • We use only the best potting mixes and our propagators are professionally trained.
  • Our plant quality is second-to-none but our prices are well below most retail nurseries.
  • The plants are adapted to local conditions and so are easy to establish – saving you time, water and money.
  • Our advice will help you establish landscapes of year-round striking beauty.