Candlebark May 2023 Plant Sale

The month of May is a great time to get into the garden, we have had some good rain
and the soil is still holding some warmth to get the tube stock settled in.
The Sale area will be clearly marked. The following list will
give you an indication of species.
Beautiful well established tube stock:
Arthropodium strictum, Patersonia occidentalis, Coprosma quadrifida, Dianella
tasmanica, Pultenaea daphnoides, Olearia varieties, Allocasuarina littoralis, Acacia:
dealbata, mearnsii, melanoxylon, stricta and ulicifolia. A good range of Eucalyptus
species for those who have space away from the house.
All of the plants for sale are clearly marked Tubes at $ 2.00 each.
All other Retail tubes will remain at $3.00 for members and $3.50 for Public. This is
great value. The Retail and Sale plants are a beautiful healthy stock.
SALE – FOUR SUNDAYS IN MAY – 7th 14th 21st & 28th
OPEN: 10am to 2pm
The nursery will be open as usual during May. However, the sale will be confined to
the four Sundays in May to ensure the Nursery can function as normal for the rest of
the month.