Wholesale and retail indigenous plant nursery

Except for public holidays, our nursery is open for sales to the general public at 308 Hull Road, Mooroolbark, Victoria 3138 on:

  • Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays between 10am to 2pm, and
  • Sundays between 10am to 2pm.

Candlebark employs part-time specialist horticulturalists and propagators to teach and mentor our volunteers, as well as managing the plant propagation process from start to finish. We collect seed and cuttings from throughout the Yarra Ranges, Maroondah,  Manningham and surrounding council areas, with land manager consent and all statutory approvals and permits.

We specialise in growing to order for revegetation and environmental education programs, native landscaping projects, wildlife habitat creation and restoration, as well as supplying home gardeners. We also supply free and discounted plants to our many dedicated volunteers and corporate sponsors.

As some of the plants we grow are hard to source or difficult to grow, it is best to place your orders well in advance of when you expect to plant them. Seed and propagule collection happens mostly in late spring, throughout summer and in early autumn, then grown until ready for planting the following autumn and winter. We are also happy to provide quotes to support grant and funding applications for groups undertaking ecological restoration, residential development and local infrastructure projects.

We encourage and support local businesses, landscapers, not-for-profit organisations, bushland management groups, schools and other educational facilities who support our goals and objectives to become members of our incorporated association.  All financial members can order or buy our plants at discounted prices. Members and public authorities with a current ABN who place annual orders of more than 5,000 plants may be eligible for further discounts. Please contact us via email or on 0494 888 804 during business hours to discuss your plant needs.

Indigenous plants generally available for order and purchase

Climbers     Grasses rushes and sedges
Groundcovers and herbaceous plants      Lilies, irises and orchids
Small to medium shrubs     Medium to large shrubs     Trees

Indigenous plants by type

Billardiera longiflora     Billardiera mutabilis     Clematis aristata
Clematis microphylla     Comesperma volubile     Glycine clandestine
Hardenbergia violacea     Pandorea pandorana

Grasses, rushes and sedges
Carex fasicularis     Gahnia sieberiana     Joycea pallida
Lomandra filiformis     Lomandra longifolia      Microlaena stipoides
Poa ensiformis     Poa labillardieri     Poa sieberiana

Groundcovers and herbaceous
Acaena novae-zelandiae     Bossiaea prostrate     Brochycome cardiocarpa
Brachyscome multifida     Brunonia australis     Centella cordifolia
Chrysosephalum semipapposum     Craspedia veriabilis
Desmodium gunnii     Dichondra repens     Eryngium vesiculosum
Gonocarpus tetragynus     Goodenia humilis     Goodenia lanata
Helichrysum scorpioidesIsotoma fluviatilis ssp. australisKennedia prostrate
Leptorhynchos tenuifolius     Linum marginale     Lycopus australis     Mazus pumilio
Mentha australis     Myriophyllum crispatum     Xerochrysum viscosa

Lilies, irises and orchids
Arthropodium milleflorum     Arthropodium strictum     Bulbine bulbosa
Chamaescilla corymbosa   Dianella admixta     Dianella laevis     Dianella tasmanica
Diplarrena morea     Patersonia fragilis     Patersonia occidentalis
Pterostylis nana     Pterostylis nutans

Medium to large shrubs
Acacia leprosa     Acacia paradoxa     Banksia spinulosa
Bursaria spinosa     Goodenia lotifolia     Gynatrix pulchella
Hakea decurrens     Hedycarya angustifolia     Kunzea ericoides
Leptospermum continentale      Leptospermum lanigerum     Lomatia myricoides
Melaleuca ericifolia     Melaleuca squarrosa     Olearia lirata
Ozothamnus ferrugineus     Pittosporum bicolour     Polyscias sambucifolius
Pomaderris aspera     Pomaderris racemosa      Prostanthera lasianthos

Small to medium shrubs
Acacia acinacea     Acacia browneii     Acacia genistafolia
Acacia mucronata     Acacia stricta     Acacia ulicifolia     Acacia verticillata
Bauera rubioides      Coprosmas quadrifida     Correa reflexa var. speciosa
Daviesia latifolia     Daviesia leptophylla     Derwentia derwentiana
Dillwynia cinerascens      Gompholobium huegelii     Goodenia ovata
Hakea nodosa     Hakea ulicina     Hibbertia empetrifolia    Hovea heterophylla
Indigofera australis     Lythrum salicaria     Olearia erubescens
Olearia ramulosa     Ozothamnus obcordatus     Pimelea axiflora     Pimelea flava
Platylobium obtusangulum      Pomaderris lanigera
Pultenaea daphnoides     Pultenaea scabra

Acacia implexa     Acacia melanoxylon     Acacia pycnantha     Allocasuarina littoralis
Eucalyptus cephalocarpa     Eucalyptus dives     Eucalyptus globoidea
Eucalyptus goniocalyx     Eucalyptus macrorhyncha     Eucalyptus melliodora
Eucalyptus obliqua     Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp. vestita     Eucalyptus radiata
Eucalyptus rubida ssp. rubida

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